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Prager Brothers is a craft bakery specializing in high quality ARTISAN breads. our mission is to restore the time-honored tradition of artisan bread making.

Meet the bread brothers—Carlsbad born and raised–Clinton and Louie Prager. Siblings with a shared passion for baking traditional, wholesome bread. Natural. Hand-shaped bread.

When you visit our bakery or our stands at the farmers' markets you can expect bread that not only tastes delicious but also respects history and the environment. This is bread the way it used to be. Bread the way it ought to be.

With Clinton's degree in music from U.C. Santa Cruz and Louie's degree in plant biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the pair has harmoniously combined their talents in art and science to craft a community bakery and a small retail bread shop. 

Step inside...savor the aroma of their freshly-baked offerings...and step back in time.

Clinton (left) and Louie (right)

Clinton (left) and Louie (right)


Carlsbad Gateway Center
5611 Palmer Way, Suite C
Carlsbad, CA
(see map below)


Mon-Fri      8am - 6pm
Sat               8am - 5pm
Sun              8am - 2pm


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(760) 703-1904

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Open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm ~  Saturday 8am to 5pm ~ Sunday 8am to 2pm

A business center may seem to be an odd location for a bakery, but initially we just needed an affordable and convenient location to bake our breads. The retail space happened organically as more and more of our farmers' market customers started showing up to buy fresh bread hot from the oven. In January of 2015 we spruced up the retail space and officially opened it to the public. In late December 2015, we moved to a much larger space in the same complex. We now have larger ovens and more equipment which will allow us to grow while our small team continues to focus on quality. The new space is still being dressed up.  January and February will be our soft opening, as we start adding indoor and outdoor seating areas and build a larger counter to display our breads and pastries. We will soon be serving hot and cold beverages and introduce lunch items. We are also working on extending our opening days and hours. Stay tuned!

We have a wide variety of breads, pastries and sandwiches on display and a knowledgable staff always happy to advise and serve you. The whole bakery is now glassed in so you can watch our bakers in action. And of course you can smell the freshly baked bread aromas wafting through!



Tuesdays 2:30-6pm

Wednesdays 3pm-7pm (spring-summer)
3pm-6pm (fall-winter)

Saturdays 8am-1pm

Sundays 10am-2pm



Saturdays 8am-2pm

Sundays 9am-2pm

Sundays 9am-1pm


OUR Menu : Breads, Sweets, Snacks, Sandwiches ...

Daily availability of items varies.  Click here to see the current baking schedule for our breads.
Click here to read about our bread ingredients.


Click here to read about our bread ingredients.
(Orders may be placed three days in advance for a minimum of $25.00)
*Baking schedule subject to change. 


Country - DAILY

Multigrain - DAILY

Olive Rosemary - WED, SAT

Sesame - MON, THURS, SUN

Raisin Walnut - FRI, SUN



Miche (Farmbread) - 1PM OR LATER  MON, WED, FRI  //   8AM TUES, THURS, SAT, SUN



Bauernbrot - 5PM OR LATER THURS  //  8AM FRI, SAT, SUN


Baguette - DAILY

Flatbreads -  9:30AM OR LATER MON-FRI  // 8AM SAT, SUN

Ciabatta Rolls - 8AM DAILY 


Ham, Turkey, Chimichurri & Veggie  - 10AM-2PM DAILY


Daily availability of items varies. Our bakery creates products that contain or have been exposed to eggs,
milk, butter, and tree nuts. Click here to see the current baking schedule for our breads

*= organic, m=*milk, e=*eggs, n=nuts



COUNTRY - *Wheat flour, filtered water, *whole wheat flour, natural leaven, sea salt.

MULTIGRAIN - *Wheat flour, filtered water, *whole wheat flour, *6 grain mix (wheat, barley, rye, millet, corn, triticale), *sunflower seeds, *flax seeds, natural leaven, sea salt.

OLIVE - *Wheat flour, filtered water, kalamata olives, *whole wheat flour, natural leaven, rosemary, sea salt.

SESAME - *Wheat flour, filtered water, *sesame seeds, *whole wheat flour, natural leaven, sea salt.

RAISIN WALNUT- *Wheat flour, filtered water, *raisins, walnuts, *whole wheat flour, natural leaven, sea salt.

SANDWICH BREAD (sliced)- *Wheat flour, filtered water, *whole wheat flour, natural leaven, yeast, *cane sugar, *canola oil, sea salt.



WALNUT (Fresh Milled) - *Sifted whole wheat flour, filtered water, *6 grain mix (wheat, barley, rye, millet, corn, triticale), *Fresh milled whole wheat flour, *Fresh milled whole rye flour, walnuts, *sunflower seeds, *flax seeds,*sesame seeds, poppy seeds, *wheat flour, natural leaven, sea salt.

MICHE FARMBREAD (Fresh Milled) - *Sifted whole wheat flour, filtered water, *Fresh milled*whole wheat flour, *Fresh milled whole rye flour, *wheat flour, natural leaven, sea salt.

SPELT (100% Fresh Milled) - *Fresh milled whole spelt flour, *filtered water, natural leaven, sea salt.

BAUERNBROT - *Fresh milled whole rye flour, *wheat Flour, filtered water, natural leaven, sea salt.

RYE (100% Fresh Milled) - *Fresh milled whole rye flour, filtered water, *sunflower seeds, natural leaven, sea salt.



BAGUETTE - *Wheat flour, *filtered water, *sifted whole wheat flour, sea salt, yeast.

SEEDED BAGUETTE - *Wheat flour, *filtered water, *sifted whole wheat flour, *sesame, poppy and fennel seeds, sea salt, yeast.

FLATBREADS - *Wheat flour, filtered water, *whole wheat flour, *olive oil, yeast, sea salt, varying & *seasonal toppings.

CIABATTA ROLLS - *Wheat flour, filtered water, *whole wheat flour, *olive oil, yeast, sea salt.

BAVARIAN PRETZEL - *Wheat flour, *whole wheat flour, filtered water, cultured butter, yeast, salt, lye.


SCONE - *Wheat Flour, *cream, *blueberries, cultured butter, *plain yogurt, *cane sugar, *eggs, *whole spelt flour, local honey, baking powder, sea salt. (m,e)

BRIOCHE - *Whole wheat flour, *wheat flour, cultured butter, *eggs, *cane sugar, *milk, sea salt, yeast. (m,e)

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE - *Wheat flour, 70% dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), cultured butter, *brown sugar, *cane sugar, *eggs, sea salt, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder. (m,e)

CHOCOLATE RYE COOKIE - *Wheat flour, *fresh milled whole rye flour, *cacao powder, 70% dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), cultured butter, *dark brown sugar, *cane sugar, *eggs, local honey, Maldon sea salt, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder. (m,e)

GRANOLA COOKIE - *Wheat flour, *Prager Brothers Granola, cultured butter, *dark brown sugar, *cane sugar, *eggs, walnuts, *pumpkin seeds, *sunflower seeds, *flax seeds, sea salt, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder. (m,e,n)

WALNUT BROWNIE - cultured butter, *cane sugar, cocoa, *wheat flour, coffee, vanilla, salt, chocolate, *eggs, *walnuts. (e,n)

FINANCIER - cultured (brown) butter, *cane sugar, almond flour, *eggs, *wheat flour, local honey, lemon zest, vanilla extract, sea salt, baking powder. (m,e,n)

FRUIT GALETTE - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *cane sugar, *sea salt, vinegar, *seasonal fruit, *brown sugar, *cinnamon*eggs(egg wash). (m,e)

ZUCCHINI WALNUT BREAD - *zucchini, *wheat flour, *cane sugar, *sunflower oil, *dark brown sugar, *eggs, *plain yogurt, walnuts, *vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt. (m,e,n)

FIG WALNUT BAR - Walnuts, *granulated sugar, *dried figs, *cream, cultured butter,*wheat flour, *whole wheat flour, *cane sugar, *almond flour, *eggs, local honey, sea salt. (m,e,n)

FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE - *Dark brown sugar, almond flour, *eggs, *sunflower oil, 70% dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), *cacao powder, *rice flour, vanilla extract, sea salt, baking powder, baking soda. (e,n)

CITRUS CORNMEAL CAKE - Cultured butter, *dark brown sugar, *eggs, almond flour, *fresh milled cornmeal, *rice flour, baking powder, baking soda, *citrus zest. (e)

FRESH MILLED COFFEE CAKE - *Cane sugar, *whole wheat flour, *wheat flour, *cream, cultured butter, *eggs, *plain yogurt, local honey, *rolled oats, *cinnamon. (m,e)



CROISSANT - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, *eggs(egg wash). (m,e)

CHOCOLATE CROISSANT - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, 70% dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract),*eggs(egg wash). (m,e)

ALMOND CROISSANT - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, almonds, *eggs, *almond flour, cornstarch, rum, vanilla extract. (m,e,n) 

MORNING BUN - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, *cinnamon. (m)

ALMOND DANISH - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, *almonds, *cherries, *eggs, *almond flour, cornstarch, rum, vanilla extract. (m,e,n)

FRUIT DANISH - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, *fruit, *eggs, cornstarch, vanilla extract. (m,e)

HAM & CHEESE CROISSANT - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *milk, filtered water, *cane sugar, sea salt, yeast, diastatic malt, *eggs(egg wash), Jarlsberg swiss cheese, Beeler's Ham. (m,e)



SHORTBREAD COOKIE - Cultured butter, *whole wheat durum flour, *wheat flour, *cane sugar, *eggs (egg wash), Maldon sea salt.

GRANOLA - *Rolled Oats, local honey, *maple syrup, *olive oil, *coconut oil, *ground flax seeds, vanilla extract, sea salt, *ginger powder,*cinnamon, *cacao powder, *nutmeg, *cardamom.

CHOCOLATE ALMOND BISCOTTI - *Cane sugar, *wheat flour, cultured butter, *eggs, 70% dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), almond slivers, almond flour, *whole wheat flour, *cacao powder, *baking powder, sea salt, vanilla extract, rum. 

PALMIER - *Wheat flour, cultured butter, *cane sugar, filtered water, sea salt, vinegar, *cinnamon. (m)


130717_prager bros_0166.jpg

the science behind our bread


What is sourdough? Mother Nature's recipe
Sourdough, or natural leaven, is a "starter" in which flour and water are fermented over several days with regular addition of flour and water to allow the growth of naturally present wild yeast and bacteria. This starter is then added to the baker's dough to begin the rising process. Moreover, sourdough also breaks down starches and gluten and unlocks the nutrient rich grains into healthy, more easily digestible food. Finally, sourdough is also the secret behind delicious bread full of holes, with a firm springy crust and a tangy flavor.

What is artisan bread? Well it depends on who you ask
Maggie Glezer, the author of “Artisan Baking” asked a few well-respected bakers about their definition of artisan bread. Although she got a variety of answers, they all agreed on one thing: at least one part of the production must be performed by hand for a bread to be considered “artisan”. 

At Prager Brothers' we do everything by hand, except for the first mixing. The whole process starts the day before baking, with preparing the leaven which ferments for a day. This natural sourdough is then mixed with the dough and allowed to sit for a long fermentation. The next step is to scale and shape the loaves and let them proof, while fermentation continues, the dough starts rising. The loaves are then ready to bake on the stone surface of our European made oven. Lastly, the golden brown loaves cool down on our racks.  Baking artisan bread is a long and labor intensive process which demands extensive knowledge and attention to detail. You can taste the difference! 

Why we use mainly organic ingredients
We believe in the benefits of organic farming - for the environment, animals, and humans - and use mainly organic ingredients in our bakery. Organic agriculture uses methods that preserve natural resources and biodiversity, support animal health and welfare and uses only approved materials. Irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides, and genetically modified organisms are not used.

Our breads and your health
We are sometimes asked which of our bread is "more healthy" or "easy to digest". Well, that's a hard one to answer. First everyone is different, and the digestibility of a certain food can vary from person to person. Those looking for breads that  contain whole grains–which have less negative effect on blood sugar and contain a lot of healthy fibers–would most likely prefer any member of our whole grain family, such as: farm bread, walnut whole grain, spelt and rye breads. 

From a nutritionist point of view "easy to digest" means it is more convenient for your body; from this point of view white breads such as the baguette, classic country sourdough or flat breads are easier to digest for some people because the body doesn't have to break down long chains of complex carbohydrates. However these breads don't offer as many nutritional benefits as wholegrain breads. In the end your body will tell you what's best for you!


CARBOHYDRATES, dietary fibers and sugars

What are carbohydrates: fuel for mankind
Carbohydrates represent the main energy source for humans and should make up 45 to 65 percent of our energy (caloric) intake. Glucose, a simple carbohydrate, is essential for the brain function, as it is the only energy source the human brain can metabolize.

The good and the bad: length matters
Carbohydrates are chains of saccharides; from simple carbohydrates such as sugar to complex, long-chained carbohydrates such as starch. The longer the chain, the more complex the carbohydrate. In the human diet, a more complex carbohydrate takes longer to digest and subsequently, one feels satisfied for a longer period of time, and the blood sugar is not rising out of control. The darker the bread, the more complex carbohydrates it contains.

Dietary fibers: sometimes, not digestible means healthy
For human indigestible, complex carbohydrates are called dietary fibers. Although they are not digested, they have a profound impact on health: they heighten the feeling of satiety, lower the cholesterol level, keep your intestine working smooth and feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. The recommendations suggest a minimum of 30 grams per day, but with 12-18 grams, the average intake in the US is far from that. Our whole grain breads are full of healthy fibers!

Glycemic index: sugar rush
The glycemic index (GI) represents the rise of your blood insulin level following the consumption of food. Pure glucose is the standard and has a GI of 100, all other foods are being compared to that. The GI is affected by many factors, such as food composition, processing, or the testing method. As a general rule, it can be said the darker the bread, the lower the GI. Although a low GI diet is a healthier option for everyone, diabetic patients especially benefit from a lower insulin response in the body.

The big picture: carbohydrates and our planet
Our food choices have a profound impact not only on our health, but also on the environment. Switching to a more plant based diet is the single most important move you can make to help the environment. The production of animal based food consumes huge amounts of natural resources such as farming land, water or fossil fuels. By-products of animal food production include high greenhouse gas emission, toxic manure lagoons, deforestation and pollution of groundwater, rivers and oceans. A carbohydrate focused diet rather than a protein based diet helps keep our planet healthy. And yourself!


What is gluten? A naturally occurring protein
Gluten is the main storage protein in flowering plants to nourish the seeds during development and germination. It became part of the human diet about 10’000 years ago, when the transition from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture took place. As a natural compound of wheat, spelt, barley or rye, gluten gives elasticity to bread dough, and helps it to rise and keep its shape.

Gluten sensitivity
We often get feedback from our customers, that even though they consider themselves “gluten sensitive” they do well when eating our breads. In the sourdough fermentation process gluten is broken down by enzymes and rendered virtually harmless, which is why many people digest sourdough leavened breads much more easily. Also, since we only use organic grains, the absence of any herbicides, pesticides or other leftovers from conventional farming, makes our bread more healthy and digestible.

Gluten-free diet, celiac
Nutritional scientists do not recommend a gluten-free diet, unless you are a celiac patient or have a gluten intolerance.Gluten free products are often highly processed, industrially produced foods. They tend to have a low nutritional value, are high in sugar, low in fibers, and are often expensive. On a gluten free diet, you miss all of the healthy minerals, vitamins and fibers present in our breads, and of course their unique taste and texture.


The grains and seeds used in Prager Brothers’ breads are grown in the U.S.A. including ancient grains like spelt, rye, buckwheat, teff, and millet. In using these specialty grains a variety of flavors, textures, and nutritional benefits are available. By supporting farmers who grow a diversity of grains, we are able to help lessen our demand on the earth's soil. 

Spelt, in the good old days
Spelt is an ancient subspecies of modern bread wheat. Until the beginning of the 20th century, spelt was the predominant grain for bread production in large parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Compared to wheat, spelt is more resistant to disease, and does better under harsh growing conditions, such as wet, cold soils and high altitudes. Eating spelt helps create more biodiversity in our fields and adds more variety to our tables!

Rye is another member of the wheat family and is primarily grown in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe. It is often planted in the fall to provide a ground cover for the winter. Compared to wheat, rye has a much lower gluten content, which leads to the typical, dense, German-style bread, also called pumpernickel. At the bakery, we mix rye with wheat and spelt flour for our wholegrain breads, to add taste. And of course, we also bake our famous 100% rye bread with sunflower seeds. 

Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds are loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, fibers and proteins. They boost your healthy fat intake because they contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acid, which helps maintain healthy brain function, protects against cardiovascular diseases, and fights excess inflammation. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume nuts tend to weigh less and even have a lower risk for weight gain in the future. Our walnut wholegrain and multigrain loaves, as well as our housemade granola are full of these healthy tasty bits.

141119_prager bros_007.jpg



You are passionate about food, you love high quality bread, and you believe in organic farming and local ingredients. You want to be part of a small, dynamic team and make a difference in the food world. You have a good attitude, great attention to detail, are dedicated and reliable. Previous experience is a plus but not essential. Willingness to learn is key!


Email the following documents to

  1. A completed Prager Brothers Artisan Breads Employment Application.

  2. A brief Cover Letter stating why you are applying for the position and what makes you a good fit.

  3. Your Resume.


Prager Brothers Artisan Breads Employment Application


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All of our breads and pastries are made by hand. We put a lot of time and care into our products, using the best ingredients so that they are of the highest quality. For that reason we cannot cancel orders/provide refunds.*

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